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Daily summary, 9/30/07

Well, today has been interesting.   From a nutritional standpoint it’s been fairly bad, though I haven’t overeaten, certainly.  Just not eating anything I should be!  It’s been nonstop though, going from sunup to now, when I finally get to sit and rest.  Had an hour drive from the cabin, got to work 15 minutes late, then worked for 4 hours and shopped for about 3 and a half.  Then a trip downtown to find the last leaf Tiara needed, which did get me some exercise, and now finally sitting down to watch a movie with the family.

 I already know weekends are my toughest days, so this isn’t really a surprise.  I haven’t done badly though, no real splurges or unexpected indulgences, so I’m fairly happy.   I just wish I had gotten more exercise, but I plan to do some crunches while watching the movie, and really I guess I could call today my day off from exercise anyway, I’m supposed to have a day off.  But anyway, overall, not a bad day.


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I’m counting shopping as exercise, as I spent a total of about 3 hours doing it.  Lots of walking.

Also, 20 min walking on the boulevard, brisk pace, looking for a tree that didn’t exist.  (Finally found it after driving to the spot where I thought it was to begin with, and turned out I was right.  Duh.)

@ 9:00 p.m.:  50 crunches; 50 reverse crunches; 15 push-ups (these are WAY harder than wall-ups!); about 15 more crunches, lost count.

30 leg lifts, each side.

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Food Log, 9/30/07

8:37 a.m.:  2 slices light whole wheat toast w/spray butter, 3 slices low-sodium bacon, 1 kiwi, 2 c. coffee w sugar free creamer, 32 oz water

12:50 p.m.:  1 all-beef hot dog w/bun, 1/2 c. cheddar & sour cream Ruffles, 20 oz Sierra Mist

5:47 p.m.:  2 wings & 1 drumstick fried chicken, 1/4 c. macaroni & cheese, 1/2 c. yellow corn, 24 oz water

8:24 P.M.  2 c. sugar-free ice cream

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10:44 a.m.:  20 wall-ups, 20 squats, 20 sidestep ab twists

2:18 p.m.:  20 wall-ups, 20 knee to chest leg raises, 20 sidestep ab twists

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Food log, 9/29/07

8:32 a.m.:  1 c. coffee w/sugarfree creamer; 12 oz water

9:37 a.m.:  1 slice whole wheat bread w/spray butter, 1 slice low-sodium bacon, 1 kiwi; 12 oz water

12:15 p.m.:  2 hot dogs w/bun, 1 snack-size bag of Ruffles, 1/2 Diet Coke; 2 oz peanut butter fudge

4:05 p.m.:  1 apple, 12 oz water

6:35 p.m.:  2 slices Pizza Hut cheese pizza, 1 slice pepperoni & sausage pizza, 2 small breadsticks w/marinara sauce; diet Coke

8:49 p.m.:  2 c. microwave popcorn w/spray butter & salt, 24 oz water, 1/2 Hershey bar

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Today will be a challenge.  I am feeling pretty positive about this whole process and have started out well with my food…but I’m not feeling very well (massive headache) and am sort of tired and disgruntled with life in general.  A negative mental attitude always makes it harder to do healthy things.

We have a soccer game late this afternoon and then are going up to the cabin, so I will be eating out for dinner.  I have done well with breakfast and expect to do well for lunch as there is nothing bad really in the house, so I’m not too concerned about that.  I will be getting plenty of exercise doing housework and hopefully some yard work (it’s a gorgeous day!) and I plan to do my spot exercises as much as I can today as well, so I’m not too concerned about that either.  I am more concerned about my stress levels and my mood, but I don’t think it will affect things too much. 

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Summary, 9/28/07

Overall, I think yesterday went surprisingly well.  Reviewing my food log, I see that I did eat several things I wouldn’t eat in the normal course of my program, but I also see that my total calories weren’t really very bad.  I may well have been within range; I would have to figure it up but I am not going to, that’s next week’s Game Plan.  🙂 

One of the things that helped, ironically, was the odd heart-rate anomaly I had in the afternoon.  I was fairly certain at the time, and still am, that it was fueled by erratic blood sugar, and not only was I not hungry after that, I don’t think I could have MADE myself eat anything.  I wasn’t sure what might make it worse and wasn’t willing to take a chance.  I had actually bought more chips and still had a bag of M & Ms, but didn’t eat any of them.  I feel pretty good about that!

In retrospect, I need to ease up on the coffee.  Probably better go back to the green tea for the winter, which is fine.  I definitely have to start staying away from diet soda too, unless it is caffeine-free – back to the diet Sprite, which again is fine.  I don’t think either of these will be a problem.

I did great yesterday evening, I am actually very proud of that even with the chips on break.  I ate my sandwich before going to work, and didn’t eat a thing after I got home.  I did think about it, but frankly there wasn’t anything here I wanted and instead of eating a bunch of stuff in search of something that would satisfy my nebulous cravings (the way I usually would), I just chose not to.  I’m fairly proud of that.

The chips at break are a fairly serious thing though, because the only reason I ate anything is because I had stress oozing out of every pore on my body.  It was the most bizarre, chaotic, frustrating and infuriating night ever.  So I know that’s another incidence of stress eating, which is a big problem for me.  I get stressed, and I handle it by finding something that tastes good.  I get that endorphin burst from it and it helps me cope with the stress.  The challenge is to find some other way of getting that endorphin burst, but that involves major retraining which is incredibly difficult.  And the only thing I can think of offhand that would do it is sex, which is frankly off-limits in the breakroom, sorry.  So much for that.

In  any event, and in all seriousness, I need to find another way of handling the stress because not only am I stress eating, but I know my cortisol levels are probably through the roof, which is going to lead to blood sugar issues, which will lead to fat storage.  So this is a big factor I really need to address.

Exercise-wise, I did all right.  I did my spot exercises and did some walking at lunch at Target, though not really what I’d call cardio, but at least I was moving.  🙂

Overall, I’m happy.  It’s a step in the right direction. 

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