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Top 10 List…

Okay, I’m finally getting around to doing Rose’s other meme, mostly because I don’t really have much to post about today so I figured I should catch up…so here it is, my top 10 favorite foods, in no particular order (because it is all completely dependent upon my mood, so the order changes):

1.  Beef stroganoff.  But only if I or my mother make it.  I’m extremely picky about this and if it’s not right, it’s worse than nothing at all.

2.  Pizza.  Pepperoni, cheese, or pepperoni and sausage – just regular sausage, not Italian.  I think I could live on pizza.  Not very healthily, I will admit, but, you know.  🙂

3.  Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips.  Awful, I know.  But they are my prime addiction.

4.  Chocolate, in all its many and myriad forms.  My favorites are things like Lindt truffles, but I like a good Reese’s cup just as well.  And I wouldn’t kick a brownie out of bed either, so to speak.

5.  Braum’s cheeseburgers and fries.  Oh. My. God.  Enough said.

6.  Sonic cheese coneys.  See above.

7.  Chili – mine.  Sadly, my body has indicated that it is developing a new immigration policy that is going to exclude this as an “undesireable element”, soon, but for now it is still something I adore and cannot leave alone.

8.  Chili’s skillet queso.  Mmm…

9.  The Olive Garden’s chicken parmesan.

10.  Red Lobster’s stuffed mushrooms/fiesta lobster rolls/garlic bread/caesar salad.  Yes, I have to lump them together, because I have to EAT them all together.  Not a huge amount of each, but all in the same meal.

I could go on and on but I was limited to ten.  🙂  Please to note, not a single thing on the list could be said to be truly healthy, with the possible exception of the Red Lobster salad.   This is how I got fat.  (Mostly from the like of #3 and #4 though.)  And this is why I must exercise constant vigilance – because all my favorite things are simply dreadful.  But so yummy.  🙂  Now, tell me yours – consider yourselves tagged, if you want to be, and not tagged if you don’t.

In other news…well, there’s really no other news.  Unless you want to hear the details of my current carpet-replacement escapades…but trust me, you don’t.  🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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