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In Summation…

Well, we’re back.  And I must admit I am glad to be back…it was very very nice to be away, but it’s always very nice to get home, too.

We spent the weekend – Thursday evening to this afternoon – at the cabin, with the Core Family (DH, YD, ED and I) as well as my boss (WVSooner) and my mother.  It was very nice, though it rained a good portion of the time, though it would have been nicer if the Ds had managed to refrain from being evil to one another most of the time.  Oh well. That’s what sisters do I guess.

I didn’t do too badly though.  Breakfasts were uniformly horrible (nutrition-wise, not taste-wise!) but I did well the remainder of the day.  I am more impressed with what I avoided than with what I ate.  I left the chips and candy and cookies and cake alone for the most part; my indulgences were deliberate and well-thought-out.  I either walked, biked or both every day.  My leg muscles are actually more sore now than usual, so I know they got a good workout.  🙂  And I plan to walk later, if everything pans out.

I did get some nice relaxation in and I definitely caught up on sleep.  I was tense more of the time than usual, but that was mostly the altered dynamics of having my mom there and the girls being so cranky.  Also, DH and I slept in separate rooms and while I slept fine, it did make me miss him a bit.

So it was a good weekend, overall.  I’ll be going up again with the Ds this coming weekend, because the living room, hall, and our bedroom have to be painted and DH said it would be more helpful for me to take the girls and go away than for me to actually help him.  🙂  (This may be giving you ideas as to my painting skills or lack thereof…but I’m actually not bad.  DH just really prefers to work alone.  And, as he put it, this way if he wants to paint till midnight, he can.)  So we’ll be going up without him for sort of a very laid-back girls’ weekend, and I expect that to be very pleasant.  The Ds never fight as much if only one parent is around.  So I’m really looking forward to that.  And in the meantime, I’ve got to get tons of work done this week so I need to be super productive.  Wish me luck.  🙂

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


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