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I had an interesting experience tonight – I had to moderate a very sarcastic and rude comment.  I say it’s interesting because while I’ve had to do this on my other blogs, it’s actually the first time it’s happened here.  People tend to be pretty supportive and if they’re not, I guess they keep their comments to themselves, with tonight’s comment a glaring and obvious exception.  And of course it wasn’t anyone I know, because none of you are obnoxious trolls.  🙂

So I thought I’d just state for the record…I absolutely do reserve the right to spam or delete rude, unpleasant, obnoxious, judgmental or hateful comments.  You may say what you like about freedom of speech and that’s certainly true – but this is my blog.  It’s my sandbox, and I will certainly throw out anyone who decides to try to pee in it. I am not obligated to tolerate overt assholeishness, and I won’t.

I am not – as I frequently point out – claiming to be an expert dispensing advice or in any way superior to anyone else out there.  What I am doing is documenting a personal journey, for the benefit of myself and anyone else who may care to share my experiences.  If you think I’m an idiot, that’s certainly your right.  You don’t have to read.  And if you’d like to point out an area in which you think I might have missed something…I am always open to that and welcome feedback, provided it is given in a polite and sensitive manner.  And most of the time, that’s exactly what happens.

However, if you choose to be an ass, please expect to be treated like one, and if that’s a problem, go comment in the AOL comment forums, with others of your ilk.

That’s all!  Oh, and I hope that the vast majority of you, whom I adore, are having a wonderful weekend.  🙂


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