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Yes, that’s right, we’re back for another episode of Captain Whiny-pants!  In our last episode, our heroine was moaning over an injured finger, and we left her wondering if things could possibly get worse? This week, we find that yes, in fact, they can!  🙂

All right, all right.  I’m just a little whiny.  For whatever reason, my body has decided that evidently, the warranty has expired.  I’ve got a bizarre cyst-like thing where I had the tetanus shot that is not getting smaller or less painful with time; my neck has been bothering me for a week (mouse pain, I think) and now my lower back has decided to get into the act with another episode of whatever it was that knocked me out for a week last time.  Also, I have PMS, my finger is still not completely healed, and I think I’m running a fever.  (Not from the finger, it’s fine, so I guess it’s FUO…)

I think it’s time to retire me to the nursing home or trade me in for a younger model.  🙂

On the bright side, I finally got around to doing Week One of the Pushup Challenge, and it went swimmingly.  I probably should have started on Level Two as Level One has been tough, but not horribly difficult.  But I’m glad I didn’t now that I’m at less than 100 percent.  I’m planning to start Week Two this week, if my back will cooperate.  I’m hoping I’ll be back to normal tomorrow so I can do Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.  We’ll see.

I haven’t gotten a lot of cardio in, which is disappointing, but I’ve done pretty great with eating.  Yesterday we had Mom’s birthday dinner and I didn’t do great, but I hadn’t eaten a lot during the day.  Other than that day, I’ve done beautifully.  I don’t know that I expect a loss on the 24th, but I also don’t know that I care.  As I said earlier I may not even weigh in, as I’d like to consolidate behaviors before doing that.  I’ve made a good start, so I may put off the weigh in until Labor Day.

I have been struggling with mindset and body image, which I think is enormously attributable to PMS.  I feel disgustingly fat, worse than when I started the whole process, and I know logically that’s not remotely true.  So I’m not taking it very seriously and just sort of putting those thoughts aside.  It helps that DH is so great about complimenting me.  I have got to learn to start seeing what’s really there and not what I hope is there or, alternately, what I fear is there.  But then, that’s the ultimate battle, isn’t it?

And now I have to get to work.  I have a couple of things that have to get done today, and then I may well go home as sitting in this chair is absolutely torture.  Oh, and thanks to my allergy issues, I can’t even take Aleve or Ibuprofen for it.  Tylenol, I’d just like to say, is not my drug of choice for muscle issues.  Argh.

Well…end of Whiny A$$ Edition.  I hope that everyone has a beautiful Monday and that tomorrow I am more fit for human company.  Have a great day!


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