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Abstinent as in, no whine. HAHA…okay, come on, you’re laughing, right? Ah, well. Made me giggle.

**(Editorial Note: If you can wade through this, there’s something cool at the end, I promise.)**

Happy Tuesday to everyone! I’m considerably improved today, both physically and mentally, so hopefully it’s going to be a decent week after all. Still a bit groggy from meds, but definitely a world away from where I was this time yesterday.

My “research” (what did we ever *do* before the Internet?) indicates that the MegaBump on my arm is not entirely abnormal following the tetanus shot, and that they can last up to two weeks or so. So I’m not freaking out about that any more. The finger is healing nicely, much better than I’d expected. The back is enormously improved, thanks to a Lortab that relaxed me enough (evidently) for the muscles to unknot a little and a massage from DH that furthered the process. And I don’t feel quite so fat, probably due to the fact that I didn’t eat much yesterday (thanks, Lortab!). So the world is a slightly happier place today.

I also forced myself through Week 2, Day 1 of the Pushup Challenge, which I do feel really good about. I tried one and found it wasn’t putting any strain at all on my lower back, so I went ahead and did them all. So I’m pleased that I’m maintaining my schedule there, though I have to admit I’m not doing much else at the moment. I need to get back out and walk but realistically, it won’t happen tonight. This week is a little nuts – carpet is being replaced Thursday and Friday so we’re getting ready for that, and…okay, you know what? I just realized that I’m totally full of s**t. I have no legitimate excuse not to walk tonight, other than my back still being a bit sore, but honestly, that’s more bulls**t. So. If I don’t walk, it’s because I’m lazy and unmotivated. There, I said it.
I don’t want to be unmotivated. I mean, I ate oatmeal this morning. That’s my “motivation marker”. If I start the day with oatmeal, then by God, it’s going to be an on-plan day or I’ll know the reason why. (A saying which, by the way, makes NO sense at all. I mean, of course I know the reason why – because I didn’t stay on plan, duh. Who comes up with this crap?) Anyway. Oatmeal. So the rest of the day needs to be nice and regimented, so I didn’t eat oatmeal for nothing. (You’d think I hated oatmeal, wouldn’t you? I don’t. It’s just more time-consuming to cook than my normal breakfasts.)
Yes, thank you for asking, my ADD is raging this morning. So is my OCD. And my PMS. In short, my wonderful friends, it is once again Acronym Cocktail day for me. Which means someone is going to have to tell me to STFU. 🙂 (If you need a translation, email me.)
Enough. I hope everyone’s having a great week so far. And lest you feel that this post completely lacks substance (which, so far, it does), let me leave you with two little particles of awesomeness.
First, a la the Mizfit – a super cool little exercise move that I am dying to try, because it combines two of my favorite and most-hated exercises: the plank/kickback combo. Demonstrated by my favorite online fitness-general wonderfulness-guru, the MizFit, here.
Secondly, as usual the marvelous Cammy has come through with a fantastic Monday Makeover regarding posture.  Definitely words that strike home for me at the moment!  🙂
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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