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Happy Friday, everybody! It’s the end of another week, thank God, and I’m looking back at this one feeling pretty good.

I’ve been doing great with food…it’s hard to say if I’ve been perfect, but then again I’m not really pushing for “perfection” as such. I know that I’ve been extremely good, and I’d say I’ve blown my “80% of the time” goal out of the water, so I’m pleased about that. I’ve slipped back into the groove of making good choices nearly all of the time and that’s always such a source of positive energy for me.

I have done two of my three push-up sets – the third one will be today or tonight – and each time I’ve added two sets of fifteen crunches and two sets of fifteen reverse crunches. Last night I finally got off my butt (and it was so hard, because I felt horrible, thanks to TOM) and did a little over 30 minutes on the treadmill while I watched the first episode of Californication on DVD (I’m ambivalent about it, it’s very gritty and a little nauseating and I honestly haven’t seen a lot of merit in it yet to make it worth wading through all the gratuitous sex; I’m a bit disappointed in it, but it was only the first episode so I’m clinging to hope that it will improve.) I also finally tried out the incredible plank/tricep kickback combo that MizFit demonstrated the other day…and I am just as much in love with it as I’d thought I would be. I am not kidding you…this thing rocks. I only did two sets of fifteen (unweighted) with each arm, because I was really just giving it a test run…but on my “non-pushup” nights from now on, I will be doing these with weights.

So…I’m getting back into the exercise game, slowly. I tend to take it a bit slower during TOM, for a number of reasons, but I find that at least being a little bit active helps. I haven’t gotten outside to walk because my walking partner has a health issue that’s keeping her out of the game, and ED seems less than thrilled with the concept. But that is starting back up next week one way or another, and that generally entails at least an hour of pretty brisk cardio, if not longer.

I don’t want to jump in with both feet and burn out, which I know from experience I will do, but it feels good to at least have a plan of attack.

Enough aimless rambling. On to the meat of the post – my Labor Day Challenge.

It’s pretty simple really. I think you have to have some sort of guidelines, but I don’t want anything strict, so here goes:

  • The goal is to see a measurable change in yourself by Labor Day. Now, you can use whatever yardstick you want – the scale, the measuring tape, the fit of your clothes, the way your arm feels when you smack it, the amount of fat that muffin-tops over your jeans, the tightness of your abs, the energy you have every day, or even just the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel every night when you go to bed. It doesn’t matter what it is – this is your yardstick, so you pick what changes you want to see. Or don’t pick one – just decide you want to see something change.
  • Pick at least one thing, every week, that you are going to do differently in order to make that change happen. You can do more than one thing if you want, sure. But do at least one. A different type of exercise maybe, taking a vitamin supplement, trying a new food, meditating, biking instead of driving to a regular errand…whatever. I’ll try to come up with suggestions every Monday, but really this is very individual. Just one thing a week – and then do it. Make it small enough that you can actually do it, but something that is actually going to move you toward your goal of seeing a real change. Post a comment on Monday’s Challenge post (here) to let us know what you’re going to be doing that week, and how you did on the last week’s change.
  • And a neat segue…let us know how you’re doing. Post about it on your blog, comment about it here, or hire a skywriter if it’s a really good moment, but just stay in the game. If it’s a bad week, okay, no big deal. We all have them. But talk about it! Let us know what’s going on, maybe we can help…that’s what we do for each other, right? Or crow about how great you’re doing so we can share your success, especially if we’re having a bad week ourselves. You’ll keep us going too. 🙂
  • This one’s optional but important for me: don’t try to gauge your success by using your yardstick during the challenge. For me, this means I won’t weigh, I won’t measure, I won’t try on the outfit that I want to fit differently. I’m going to focus on what I’m doing and sticking with my behaviors and changes, and I’ll figure out at the end of the challenge if I’ve succeeded. No letdowns when I see I’m not progressing as fast as I’d like; no momentary highs when I think I’m doing better than I’d hoped. I want to let the behaviors be their own reward.

Okay, anyone want to join in? I know my wonderful Bex said she’s on board and my walking partner, B. (who doesn’t blog) is also – who else? Anybody?  (C’mon, Chris, you can do this one.)  I would love to have the company of anyone and everyone! 🙂

And may you all have a particularly fabulous weekend!


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