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I want to thank everyone for your good wishes and prayers.  It means a lot right now to know people are sendin positive energy our way.

The surgeon told us today that he sees no reason why Mom can’t have the surgery, which is very good news.  They are planning to do the cath tomorrow to see if she has blockages that need bypassed in addition to the valve replacement, so they can do it all at once if so.  If all goes well, it looks as though the surgery will be Wednesday or Thursday, which is fast but that’s good.  My sisters should just have time to get in from Oklahoma before they do it.

I am about to go do my push-ups – I’m repeating Week Two of the challenge because I was not happy with the results of my exhaustion test last night, which (all things considered) was no worse than you’d expect, but still not up to par for Week Three.  That’s okay; I figure I’ll be repeating quite a few weeks.  🙂  Then I will do my crunches.  After that, we’ll see, but I suspect that’ll be it.  I’d love to do some cardio but realistically, after spending all day at the hospital, I’m not craving cardio.  I know I need it and it would make me feel better, but I’m just not sure I can summon the energy.  Regardless, I will maintain the progress I made last week, even if I can’t build on it further.

Tomorrow morning I will do yoga, in keeping with my Challenge Change for this week.  I need it, most definitely.  Sitting in a chair in a hospital room all day really reveals to you how badly you could use a little flexibility work!  🙂   And then I’ll be back up at the hospital at least for part of the day, and trying to juggle a little bit of work time with it because I desperately need to be in the office for a while.  We’ll see how it works out, because I don’t know when they will be doing the cath.

Meanwhile, I’m off to my pushups and crunches.  And the good news is, my calories for the day are great.  Not much in the mood to snack so I did pretty well at eating what I took with me.  Always a silver lining, right?  🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great week.  I am going to try to catch up but may be behind, but just know I love you all dearly.


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